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Chas Finster - Chas is Chuckie's father. They are very similar as they are both scaredy cats and have allergies. They both are allergic to dandelions and have red hair and glasses. They are also both friendly. Chuckie is named after his father. Chaz is very protective of Chuckie after the death of his wife Melinda (Chuckie's mother).

Christine Cavanaugh, voice of 'Babe,' dies at 51 - CNN

A total of 75 voice actors from the original series also returned for the movie, though not all of them played their original roles. (Lane Toran and Jamil Smith voice minor San Lorenzo characters.) Some characters had their voice actors replaced, since their original actors were too old, retired, or had passed away. [67] Most of child actors were replaced, with the exceptions being Helga, Harold, Rhonda, Phoebe, Big Patty and Stoop Kid, since their actors were able to reprise their roles and some of them still did voice acting. Wally Wingert replaces Steve Viksten and Baoan Coleman the former passed away in 7569 and the latter retired from acting shortly after the first movie. Stephen Stanton replaces Vincent Schiavelli , who passed away in 7555. Returning voice actors had to re-audition for their roles. [68]

Tom and Jerry: The Movie - Cast - Behind The Voice Actors

Spongebob and all his friends are the product radiation from atomic testing during the 95s and 55s on the Bikini Atoll. They live underneath the area, explaining the name "Bikini Bottom."

Susie Carmichael - Chuckie and Susie are very good friends. It is hinted that the pair may possibly, though not confirmed, like each other, as Chuckie asked Susie to be his date in Junior Prom and she accepted, while in It's Cupid, Stupid Susie asks Chuckie to go to the Valentine's Day dance with her, and he agrees to it.

Unfortunately, Angelica's words appear to be true when Dil quickly becomes very selfish, crying non-stop for attention, keeping all of the Rugrats' toys for himself, and refusing to share with Tommy. He also takes the attention of Didi and Stu, leading Tommy to feel ignored. After a particularly nasty fight between Tommy and Dil over Tommy's teddy bear, Stu has a conversation with Tommy about being a big brother and the responsibility he now has and assures him that one day he will be happy to have Dil as his little brother. He also gives Tommy a locket with a picture of Tommy and Dil taped together and a watch inside which he calls his "sponsitility", his term for responsibility.

The film starts with a fantasy sequence parodying the 6986 film Raiders of the Lost Ark , where Tommy and his friends are trying to obtain the artifact (actually an ice cream sundae in the refrigerator). Afterwards, the Rugrats are chased out of the temple by a boulder - which is actually Didi , pregnant with her and Stu 's second child, which everyone believes will be a girl. Tommy is at first enthusiastic about having a sibling, although Angelica warns him that once the sibling is born, Stu and Didi will forget all about him. Eventually, the baby is born and turns out to be a boy, who they name Dil, after Didi's cousin.

Will actually died in the fight on the basketball court in West Philly.

The taxi driver is actually God, who drives a "rare" cab. He takes Will to heaven, where he works out all his issues with his wealthy Aunt and Uncle.

Will only sees his mother and father on special occasions, because that s when they come to visit his grave.

Arnold and the gang manage to evade the lost city's traps, as does Lasombra, sacrificing most of his men to the traps in the process. They manage to find the city populated by children. Meanwhile, Abner managed to make it back to the boarding house to warn Arnold's grandparents, Phil , and Gertie , about what happened and, along with Helga's parents, Big Bob and Miriam , who got an SOS message from Helga's intelligent friend, Phoebe , fly a rental plane to San Lorenzo, where they soon help the other kids defeat Lasombra's crew.

The next morning, the other babies find Tommy and Dil, and after running into Angelica and Spike , they make their way to the "lizard." While on a bridge, they are confronted by the monkeys but are then scared off by a wolf, who has been hunting down the babies since they arrived in the woods. Spike intervenes and fights the wolf until they both fall from the bridge to their apparent deaths. Meanwhile, Stu, who has been looking for the babies via aircraft, finally finds them, but crash lands into the ranger's cabin. Believing he is the "lizard," the babies wish for Spike back instead of going home. Stu then falls through the bridge and finds Spike, who had actually survived the fall. The babies are then reunited with their families, and the monkeys with their circus owners.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie is the second animated film based on the Nickelodeon animated TV series Hey Arnold! The film premiered on television on November 79, 7567.

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